Holiday Island [v0.2.1.0 BETA] darkhound1

Holiday Island [v0.2.1.0 BETA] darkhound1

You, the player (a guy) won a lottery for holidays on a Pacific island. But is not just any island. It is full of beautiful girls.
You can play the game’s intro story to learn all about it.​

Developer/Publisher: darkhound1
OS: Windows, Android
Language: English
Genre: 3DCG, Dating Simulator, Voyeurism, Male Protagonist, Animated, Exhibitionism

1- Extract to desired location.
2- Click on “HolidayIsland.exe” to start playing.

!!!!! This is a new full version !!!!!
The change log below is based on the beta release.
As of right now, the update from to has:
498 additional renders, videos or sound files
29 updated renders (Yumiko poker, Heather poker, Desire sexting, Heather arrival)
New features and content
  • Desire will get the "heat" scene after the hotshots game
  • Desire gets a pool distraction event
  • Amy gets a pool distraction event
  • Aly gets a pool distraction event
  • Alice gets a pool distraction event
  • Amy gets a ver much improved scene on the plane, that is an achievement now as well
  • The game intro scene with Joy will be greatly improved. You will get preview images for all the girls and some personal information as well. In addition, for every choice (like breast size, etc.) the matching girls will be displayed
  • The main screen gets a really cool new intro video (made by a good friend)
  • Faye will get a beach pose scene in the evening when the sun sets with three achievements
  • Heather gets an "apology event" for the way she treated the MC during the second arrival scene
  • Heather gets a second arrival scene with two achievements
  • Yvette and Faye get a scene at the pool wearing the same bikini model
  • Heather gets a "Desires and Wishes" quest to obtain the "sexy nurse" outfit
  • Heather gets a second poker reward scene
  • Heather gets a poker reward scene
  • The "companion mod for Holiday island": gets a bigger update and will be available on my patreon together with 0.2.1 as a separate download
  • Heather gets the nightbar drink scene at the (standing at the bar) in the new outfit (two achievements)
  • Heather gets a new "sexy nurse" outfit for the evening (basic renders)
  • Yumiko gets a poker reward scene
  • Desire will get the hotshots game scene in the nightbar
  • Yumiko gets an improved poker appointment with new renders and text
  • Eva will get the "heat" scene after the hotshots game
  • Eva will get the hotshots game scene in the nightbar
  • Yvette gets a package of scenes in the sauna (4 achievements) with several animations
  • Mercedes gets a short scene in front of the sauna
  • Yumiko can participat ein the Wet-T contest now
  • Mercedes can participat ein the Wet-T contest now
  • The sauna will be available as a regular location you can go to
  • Heather gets an improved poker appointment with new renders and text
Minor improvements and changes
  • A girl moaning sound during Desire's hotshots heat scene has been added. It's usig the voice channel. If you don't like it, you can switch it off, setting the voice volume to 0 in the preferences
  • The player gets an additional "perk" pick now. In addition to the old primary pick (strength, endurance, etc.), there is now a secondary pick as well, that will give half the bonus of the primary pick (this should make the game start easier)
  • Eva gets three new sexting images (context related) and all her old sexting images will be upgrdaded to double resolution webp format
  • Possibility to display an image on the phone during a scene/even has been added
  • Possibility to receive message and display them during a scene/even has been added
  • Heather gets a context related sexting image and a new dream image
  • After day 15 if you have at least 5 bluse pills, you can exchange them against a pill of one of the other colors
  • Hovering the mouse over Jennifer at the gym or teh bartender in the night bar will show their stats now
  • Brenda's photo studio appointment is repeatable now
  • Desire's sexting images have been upgraded to 2560x1440 webp format and 4 new ones have been added
  • Image quality of "wall images" in new player room has been greatly improved
  • Hotshots now supports images in 2560x1440 size in addition to the old 1920x1080 image size
  • You will have three times the number of regular save game slots now. The number of auto-save slots has been increased from 10 to 36. A scroll bar has been added to each "save page"
Bug fixes
  • Weight change event with Faye lead to a crash when Faye was not on the island
  • In the morning between 9 am and 10 am, the recptionist or roomservice girl was also at the beach
  • The new posing interface had some image sizing and text order inconsistencies
  • On some systems there are code conversion error with Renée during the update phase
  • If you missed an appointment from Joy's "Desires and Wishes" mailbox quest line, she will not send a new one and you can't get another one at reception
  • The weight lifting/bench presses workout did not inrcease the workout per week counter for some girls
  • If you missed the appointment to stay the night with Amy, she did not send a new one
  • Amy max love/affection quest line. There was a bug that could lead to a wrong quest sequence. You could do the arm wrestling before the massage, screwing up the quest line
Is the update going to break save games?: beta --> Save games from 0.0.8 and later can still be used. Earlier saves are no longer supported.

Download Links:
Download for Windows:
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Download for Android:
MEGA Gofile

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