My Pleasure [v0.4 Elite] Tasty Pics

Goblin Lord! [v0.8.1] KainHauld

Goblin Lord! [v0.8.1] KainHauld
Set in an world of magic and chivalry, it's a story about you (a goblin) taken from your nest and being used in an experiment by the humans. As fate would have it, you escape. Goblins being spiteful in nature, you plan out your revenge in those who took part in your torture. Using your newfound abilities to rise in power to become a Goblin Lord! (or if you're just into girls getting gobble'd, then that's just fine too!)​

Developer: KainHauld
OS: Windows, Android
Language: English
Genre: 3DCG, Male Protagonist, Fantasy

- Added a new intro sequence once you start a new game
- Added and tweaked various dialogue in the game to fit the new intro (particularly when talking about the Kingdom of Varentese)

- Dungeons in Fort Silvershield added (with respective characters, dialogues, and background)
- New characters added (Gian, Choncey, and Pit)
- Renewed Elena's sprites (5 renewed + 5 more added)
- New 1 lewd events for Elena (36 scenes in total)
- New 1 lewd events for Amy (19 scenes in total)
- Added 1 new sound effect
- Fixed some typos
- Minor tweaking to menu screens, scripts, etc..

Download Links:
Download for Windows:
Filesupload Workupload

Download for Android:
Filesupload MEGA
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