Jikage Rising [v0.12c] Smiling dog

Midnight Paradise [v0.8] Lewdlab

Midnight Paradise [v0.8] Lewdlab
Connor is spending his young adult life carelessly, having easy access to money and pleasure.
However, after a failed year at college, his life starts to fall apart as he returns home to face the consequences and those he left behind 2 years ago. He's met with an ultimatum: rise up to the challenges and show he's capable or watch his future taken from him.​

Developer: Lewdlab
OS: Windows, Android
Language: English
Genre: 3DCG, Incest, Male Protagonist, MILF

- Added 3 new Main Story scenes
- Added 1 new scene with Natsuko
- Added 5 new scenes with Ruby
- Added 2 new scenes with Joyce
- Added 7 new animations
- Added choice variations to Ruby's and Joyce's scenes based on player morality stat
- Added a new cutscene
- Reworked the choice menu so now it looks much better an coherent with the rest of the UI
- Added Elite and Extra scenes with Ruby and Isabel 

Download Links:
Download for Windows:
FilesFM Workupload

Download for Android:
v0.7 BETA

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