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General Practitioner [Final Version] Bruni Multimedia

General Practitioner [Final Version] Bruni Multimedia
As the name suggests this is a game where you will be impersonating a medical doctor who works and manages a small clinic in a small town. The style is that of a visual novel, but it has elements of an RPG (choices WILL matter as you progress into the story.

Plus it will feature an inventory management), of a simulation and of management. You will meet many characters, not just the patients (which are all scripted and each one will be dateable) but also staff members, occasional acquaintances and more.

You will earn money for each visit and with that you’ll have to pay your staff and medical instruments. More instruments will unlock more patients (Dermatology, Pediatrics, Gynecology, etc. etc.). Of course the game will feature sex and nudity.

But you won’t be able to just fuck everything that moves, because you could scare patients away and the clinic could close due to debts. Being a doctor, though, is a good way to make people undress, but that depends on the purpose of the exam, the patient’s trust in you and even their mood.

Developer/Publisher: Bruni Multimedia PatreonMakerYoutubeTwitter
OS: Windows, Android
Language: English
Genre: 3DCG, Dating Simulator, Blackmail, Cheating, Pregnancy, Voyeurism, NTR

Updated Codex information about the SARS-Covid-2 disease
Made small modifications to Hann's exam's conversations to update it with new Infos about the SARS-Covid-2 disease since it was released.
Fixed an issue which caused Katia's exam to crash
Fixed an issue which caused gaining money from staff to be unavailable if the option to show the daily report was set to OFF

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