The Magister's Tale [Chapter 1 EC] Passion Grove

The Magister's Tale [Chapter 1 EC] Passion Grove
This story is about medieval life: filled with power struggles, backstabbing, diplomacy, mystery, fighting, sex, everything! You play as the main character, who you name. He is the bastard son of the hand of the king. His father sent him away when he was young, and after the death of his father, our hero returns home, to the capital city of Ashbury, to help his family and prove himself in this world. How he survives in this world, and how he interacts with the people around him are up to you.​

Developer/Publisher: Passion Grove
OS: Windows, Android
Language: English
Genre: MILF, Voyeurism

Chapter 1 EC
This is the extra content version for day 1.
It has around 70ish new images. 4 renpy animations (aka renpy gifs) and one new side heroine Merry!

Chapter 1
Sprites, Day 1 content, music in one scene.


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Download for Windows:
MEGA Anonfile

Download for Android:
Chapter 1
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